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Kai, 24 Feb 2021

Food is always great and tasty here

Daniel, 20 Feb 2021

1st time I've ever used online ordering. Got the hang of it eventually.

Hazel, 20 Feb 2021

Always good

Ross, 18 Feb 2021

Always good

Ross, 18 Feb 2021

All the family ready enjoyed the food

Amanda, 17 Feb 2021

Ordered food at 6.15pm was told be 45 mins to an hour wait. Over an hour went by so I rang no answer. I rang 30 times plus my partner rang aswell. I have 2 children to feed. 2 hours went by still no food. Rang again no answer! 21.10pm the foods just arrived. Well don't want it we waited 3 bloody hours so ended up getting something else. Will not order again

Charlie, 23 Jan 2021

Good food, efficient service

Linda, 23 Jan 2021

discusting food & discusting customer service 1st time ordering from you & will definitely be the last

Michelle, 22 Jan 2021

Quick and easy to use menu

Andrew, 22 Jan 2021


Chris, 20 Jan 2021

Good food

Rose , 18 Jan 2021

excellent as always

Marshall Pickersgill, 13 Jan 2021

Ordered at 18.15 didnt receive order until 19.50. Unfortunately my husband missed out on his as he had to go to work and my pizza arrived luke warm and the base wasnt as soft as normal so didnt really enjoy it.

Helen Burch, 10 Jan 2021

Hello.. I ordered two pizza last night.. I just wanted to give you a little advice.. in the list of pizza toppings there's mince meat and spice beef. Im not sure if the wrong one was put on my pizza but I ordered mince meat and I was unable to eat my pizza it was so hot and spicy. If your mince meat is hot and spicy it should say that on the menu and I wasted my money last night and had to cook some dinner instead. Im not complaining as if that's what I ordered then thats my fault but I just wanted to say you should maybe reword your menu so other people don't make the same mistake. We order from you a lot and I will put its great value for money etc as that's not a issue with your food ever.

Hayley, 10 Jan 2021

Don’t normally like to give a negative review but I’ve being using your shop for over 20 years ... curries ... kebabs and pizzas. 7 times I have phoned and ordered a small pizza and 7 times it’s never ready when I come to collect and you only start making it when I arrive. I appreciate my order isn’t a big one but I’m really disappointed with this recent service. Before Christmas your excuse was because it was busy ...then short staffed ... delivery driver problem, you even told me one time that it was in its way, my son was actually stood waiting in your shop to pick it up !!! Tonight’s excuse was Covid. I appreciate that you are busy but please give realistic collection times and stop making excuse after excuse...... surely every order should be as important as the next regardless of the amount of money that’s being spent. Please try to provide a better service or you will loose trade.

Reed, 09 Jan 2021

An hour late. Ordered food with salad only had loads of onion chucked on the food after asking for no onion no sauce on after asking for some. Food cold. Won’t order again.

Kerry, 08 Jan 2021

Love this place

Debbie, 08 Jan 2021

Mixed kebab starter and chilli dip was missing from the order,tried calling but no one answered as probly busy with ot being new years eve?

Chris, 01 Jan 2021

Always amazing service and quality of product

Megan, 28 Dec 2020

Very very good food little bit late but thats fine well worth the wait .

David, 27 Dec 2020

Nice food efficient service

Linda, 27 Dec 2020

The kebab is lovely, however it came with no salad when I clearly asked for all salad. And I also paid for a tub of chilli sauce that I did not receive.

Cathy, 24 Dec 2020

The kebab is beautiful but we got no salad on it at all when I asked for all salad, and also I paid for a tub of chilli sauce that we never got either.

Cathy, 24 Dec 2020

Very good

Kieran, 24 Dec 2020

Brilliant kebabs. Good service our go to take away.

Deborah Noname, 23 Dec 2020