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your getting a bit expensive now- yes the food is always good quality and hot, but a few months ago you added delivery charge of £2 ( we are just around the corner ) but it wasnt to bad as we were getting the 10% online discount , but ordering today i noticed no online discount anymore, as we always tip the driver as well its getting to be a bit overpriced now,

Kevin, 25 Oct 2020

Pizzas were dry and chips soggy

Hayley, 23 Oct 2020

Amazing food every time!

Liam, 19 Oct 2020

I ordered a meal tonight and PAID ONLINE, the meal in total come to £16. When the meal got delivered I was told at the door I owed £2, but was never told why I owed the £2. I rang the shop to ask why and got told this was delivery. I think this is so wrong as no one I would owe this and would of thought this was included in the price. I feel service was so poor and will not be ordering from here again as I has already ordered the food so why and I being charged again? This is not good...

Nicole Byrne, 15 Oct 2020


Very nice. Portion size is value for money!! Order from here often as it’s close. Very good

Daniel, 13 Oct 2020

Gutted ordered takeaway for hubby to get a Ben n Jerry’s Phish food icecream for me , I got sent a cookie dough instead, can’t eat it yukkk hubby n dog got dessert now

Caz, 11 Oct 2020

LATE!!! 30 minutes so far

Frankie, 11 Oct 2020

Can I add cheese to the donner and chicken doner on chips please

Ryan, 09 Oct 2020

Delivered about 10 mins after stated time

Marshall Pickersgill, 07 Oct 2020

Delivery charge to high

Marshall Pickersgill, 07 Oct 2020

Think delivery charge a bit steep

Marshall Pickersgill, 07 Oct 2020

Used Alvaston Kebabs since they opened, always satisfied with the food and service.*******

James, 03 Oct 2020

Why £2.00 delivery for half a mile on the same road??

Craig, 02 Oct 2020

Poor service. Food turns up cold why missing some of order. Ring to tell then for them to then sent out the missing order for that to be cold. Ring again to be told no refund allowed. Poor service

Roy Still, 02 Oct 2020

I'm still waiting for my refund from my last order

Deepak, 28 Sep 2020

Always go here witjout a doubt. Best in derby

Dean, 27 Sep 2020

20 minutes late!!!!

Callum Penn, 25 Sep 2020


Cerys, 24 Sep 2020

Excellent. Pre ordered and delivered on time. Great taste, very well cooked Would definitely recommend.

Elaine, 21 Sep 2020

love this place

Rebecca, 20 Sep 2020


AlisonandPhil, 22 Mar 2020

The finest, the king of kings takeaway in alvaston!

Alex, 06 Mar 2020

Recommend this to all

Rob, 29 Feb 2020

No colslaw chilli or bbq dips with meals that had been paid for Leanne 07399998488

Leanne, 29 Feb 2020

Very good would recommend.

Daz, 27 Feb 2020

Very good would definitely recommend here within time and food was beautiful.

Daz, 27 Feb 2020